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Croci E., Grasso D. (), “Politiche innovative per una logistica urbana “ Choice experiments and environmental taxation: an application to the Italian Cai M., Cusumano N., Lorenzoni A. and Pontoni F. (), “Rinnovabili: Euro - Asian Journal of sustainable energy development policy, 5(1), , ISSN
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Subject: Capitalisation of the Spanish private banking sector. Subject: Advance payment of Community contributions to support undertakings in the agricultural and food processing sector of Emilia-Romagna struck by the earthquake. Subject: Advance Community aid to earthquake-hit farms and agri-food companies in the Polesine region. Subject: Current trade in farmed fish between Turkey and the EU. Subject: Funds for the maintenance and restoration of religious sites in the occupied territories of northern Cyprus. Subject: Europe losing valuable underwater fauna.

Subject: Implementation of the Fuel Quality Directive. Subject: Sweden's treatment of silver under the Biocidal Products Directive. Die Dienststellen der Kommission stehen derzeit mit anderen Mitgliedstaaten in einem strukturierten Dialog, bei dem es um Ungenauigkeiten in Verbindung mit einigen Konzepten und Bestimmungen der Richtlinie geht. The correct and prompt transposition of fully harmonised single market directives is essential in enabling consumers and businesses to profit from the single market with an equal lack of restrictions.

Concerns exist, however, that the Commission is not making use of all the available options to ensure the transposition of these directives, thus accepting de facto divergences in transposition by Member States. It has also been noted that, for example, the principle of professional diligence in establishing whether a commercial practice is to be regarded as unfair is often ignored by courts in some Member States, such as Germany, because of divergence in transposition into national law.

If so, in which Member States are judicial proceedings already pending and on the basis of which specific breaches? Letters of formal notice and reasoned opinions were sent to Belgium and France in between and concerning the incompatibility of national bans on certain sales promotions with the directive. The Commission services are currently in a structured dialogue with other Member States concerning inaccuracies related to some concepts and provisions of the directive.

The Commission will continue to work with the Member States authorities and to take appropriate actions in order to ensure that national legislation is brought in conformity with the directive. The Honourable Member should be aware, that in autumn the Commission will publish a Report on the application of the directive setting out what further actions need to be taken for the directive to deliver its maximum benefits in terms of Single Market integration and consumer protection. Finally, as regards the new Directive on Consumer Rights, it has substantially strengthened consumer rights, in particular by harmonising a number of rules applicable to online contracts.

Concrete steps will be taken to help Member States implementing the new Directive. In this connection, a first meeting at expert level from Member States will be held this autumn in Brussels. Given the vacuum left by the lack of a protocol, and in view of the difficult situation faced by families and businesses dependent on fishing in those waters, with the serious socioeconomic consequences from the loss of the entire season:. Has the Commission evaluated the possibility of provisionally and temporarily authorising those ship owners that wish to do so to apply for private permits to fish in Gabonese waters, and under what conditions?

While debates on intellectual property rights infringement with regard to works of art centre exclusively on the circulation of digital material on the Internet, the manufacture and distribution networks for forgeries prosper away from the scrutiny of the authorities. Thus, forgeries enter the European Union via those Member States with the lowest levels of protection, and then circulate freely across the entire Union.

Tangible counterfeit works of art paintings, sculptures, drawings or objects enrich organised crime networks to the detriment of artists, producers, craftspeople and dealers. Consumers, who are defrauded, and states, which are deprived of significant tax revenue, also suffer as a result of this type of infringement.

Harmonisation of legislation on the protection of works of art within the Union now appears to be necessary, insofar as the disparities between the Member States lead to distortions in competition between national art markets. What measures does the Commission plan on taking in terms of harmonising the relevant legislation, and thereby restoring confidence in the European art market, which is currently being jeopardised?

The Commission is currently considering whether a revision of this directive is necessary. With respect to the Customs Regulation, a Commission proposal designed to strengthen the ability of customs to prevent infringements of intellectual property rights is under negotiation in the European Parliament and the Council.

Under the proposal the current system, which is based on the right holder requesting customs to take action, would be maintained with a requirement to provide high-quality, up-to-date information in order to allow more effective, targeted intervention by customs. The Murcian regional government ordered the closure of the Proambiente landfill site, located in the municipalities of Abanilla and Orihuela, at the end of Can the Commission specify whether the facilities managed by Proambiente have received any kind of EU grant?

The Commission will also enquire regarding the possible funding of the referred waste facilities. The vehicle industry is currently suffering from a difficult economic situation. Indeed, granting EU subsidies to individual companies for reducing excess production capacity is currently not being considered by the Commission. With regard to the issue of possible state subsidies or other types of support granted by Member States, the state aid rules set out in the Treaty apply.

Does the Commission intend to congratulate Mikheil Saakashvili on his plans to transform the Stalin museum in Gori into a museum of Stalinism, with information about the horrors of collectivisation, the famine in Ukraine, the purges, the Gulag, the labour camps and other Soviet terrors? The Commission thus welcomes any move to close any institution that glorifies the totalitarianism of the past. Almost a year ago Portugal requested external aid from the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund the Troika with a view to receiving financial assistance and thereby fulfilling its national and international commitments.

Several European economists have supported a reduction in the minimum wage in Portugal, as a way of increasing its global competitiveness. Does it believe that there is a direct correlation between the minimum wage in Portugal and the possible economic recovery that the country must undergo in the coming years? Private consumption spending as percentage of GDP in Portugal amounted to Over the same period, the average GDP growth of the Portuguese economy was 1. This suggests that in the longer term high consumer spending does not necessarily provide a basis for growth and wealth.

On the contrary, the current challenges Portugal is faced with appear to be rooted in the high debt public and private the economy has accumulated due to a high level of resources being channelled into consumption rather than productive investment and the export sector. Increasing wage flexibility so as to allow wages to adjust to productivity is an essential element in the Portuguese strategy of restoring competitiveness in international markets structural reform to boost productivity is another important flank of this strategy. In fact, the adjustment programme does not foresee such a reduction in the minimum wage.

However, a higher wage differentiation in the lower part of the wage distribution, which in Portugal is remarkably flat, would provide incentives for workers and firms to invest in human capital, which would help increase their productivity. Recently the Commission put forward a new package of measures to create job opportunities and support entrepreneurship, believing that SMEs need easy access to the new measures and that an action plan with clear objectives and parameters for implementation must be established. The Commission is committed to establishing a new European agenda on economic growth and job creation, encouraging Member States to adopt measures to stimulate recruitment and support for entrepreneurship.

At the same conference, it was stated that a business plan was needed for the energy sector, thereby re-establishing the foundations for European companies to be more competitive at a global level. How and when does it intend to launch the debate on ideas for creating a new growth strategy? When will it put forward a new business plan to promote economic growth at EU level?

Which economic sectors does it believe will generate the greatest added value and could act as a lever for EU development? Assunto: Custo dos estudantes no Ensino Superior. Qual o valor que cada Estado-Membro investe anualmente no Ensino Superior e qual o valor por estudante? Portuguese university fees increased by 1.


Despite high rates of youth unemployment in Europe, academic qualifications continue to enable young people to acquire greater technical knowledge and specialised training which will help them to find jobs. What is the annual amount invested in higher education by each Member State, and what is the amount per student?

What is the overall amount and amount per student that Portugal should invest annually in higher education to improve educational quality and to better prepare young people for their working lives? Does it believe that investment in education is a strategy for the future for Member States and that this should be a priority commitment in the years to come? Public spending on tertiary education varied between 0. These data include direct public spending on higher education institutions, including public funds for research and development, as well as public support to students, but exclude spending from private sources.

Data on expenditure by public and private higher education institutions include direct spending by institutions from both public and private sources. In its Annual Growth Survey, the Commission reiterated its call on Member States to prioritise growth-friendly expenditure, such as education, research and innovation, while ensuring the efficiency of public investment in these areas.

However, each Member State is responsible for determining the precise level of public investment in higher education and putting in place adequate measures to ensure efficiency and attract additional funding from non-public sources, taking into account specific national circumstances. This is due in part to the fact that it has not been possible to rule out genotoxicity and mutagenic effects. On the other hand, the same authority is of the opinion that the same substance is safe to use in human food.

The experts who assessed the safety of using Allura Red AC in animal feed have therefore interpreted the research findings differently from those experts who have assessed the research findings for foodstuffs. On the basis of new findings and the request of the Commission EFSA decided to further assess any implications of Allura Red use for human health by the end of Following completion of this task the Commission will consider appropriate risk management measures if needed. At present, current risk management measures for Allura Red include a warning labelling that this food colour may have an adverse effect on activity and attention on children.

Alla data del La questione figura quale punto all'ordine del giorno dei comitati di monitoraggio che si tengono a maggio-giugno per tutti i programmi operativi italiani facenti capo al FSE;. Per quanto concerne l'FSE, gli attori pertinenti sono membri a pieno titolo dei comitati di monitoraggio dei programmi operativi.

Given that the available data are unclear because they are incomplete or not detailed enough and given that youth unemployment in Italy stands at Are more accurate and timely texts and data available on projects funded and in the process of being approved in Italy? Have youth organisations been involved if so, when? In line with the Youth initiative, the Commission has invited the Italian authorities to consider revising the OPs to tackle the youth issue.

The Commission is in close contact with the relevant stakeholders including social partners and civil society to ensure rapid implementation of the Youth Opportunities Initiative. Deseo resaltar la flexibilidad que introduce esta nueva normativa. What is its view of the reduction in the transparency of Spanish banks? By the end of , signs emerged that the industry self-regulatory initiative on transparency and comparability of bank fees would not deliver sufficiently effective solutions for consumers.

As a result, the Commission services have engaged in an analysis of all relevant information available. An online consultation was launched in spring The results of this consultation are currently being analysed. This matter was previously not specifically addressed by the transparency requirements, as clearly explained in the preamble and first article of the text. Wenn nicht, warum nicht? Kann der Rat Angaben machen, was das wertvollste Kunstobjekt in seinem Besitz ist? Kann der Rat Angaben machen, wie viele Kunstobjekte ausgestellt sind, wie viele eingelagert sind und was mit den eingelagerten Kunstobjekten geschehen wird?

Um Verwaltungslasten zu reduzieren, wurden diese Fragen in einer Anfrage zusammengefasst und die einzelnen Fragen mit einer laufenden Nummer versehen. Can the Council indicate what rules exist for the handling of works of art belonging to the Council? If not, why not? Can the Council indicate how many works of art it has at its disposal? Can the Council indicate how many of these works of art were donated, given as gifts, purchased or sponsored, and the names of the donors, sellers and sponsors?

Can the Council indicate the purchase price of the artworks it has purchased and the appreciation in their value since they were bought? Can the Council indicate which is the most valuable work of art in its possession? Can the Council indicate how many works of art are on display, how many are in storage and what is to happen to the artworks in storage? In order to reduce administrative effort, these queries have been framed within one question and have been numbered successively. The author of the question politely requests that the individual queries be answered with reference to their number.

Point 3: Details of these works, such as the name of the artists and their titles, are being collected in a catalogue that will be published on the Council website. Point 7: Forty-eight works of art are on display, whilst two are currently in storage awaiting display in a Council building and one is being restored. Kann die Kommission mitteilen, was das wertvollste Kunstobjekt in ihrem Besitz ist? Kann die Kommission Angaben machen, wie viele Kunstobjekte ausgestellt sind, wie viele eingelagert sind und was mit den eingelagerten Kunstobjekten geschehen wird?

Can the Commission indicate what rules exist for the handling of works of art belonging to the Commission? Can the Commission indicate how many works of art it has at its disposal? Can the Commission indicate how many of these works of art were donated, given as gifts, purchased or sponsored, and the names of the donors, sellers and sponsors? Can the Commission indicate the price of the works of art it has purchased and the appreciation in their value since they were bought? Can the Commission indicate which is its most valuable work of art? Can the Commission indicate how many works of art are on display, how many are in storage and what is to happen to the works of art in storage?

L'inesistenza di uno Statuto europeo dei lavoratori comporta una minore tutela dei diritti dei lavoratori; di conseguenza, molte problematiche sociali che si verificano in ambito nazionale difficilmente trovano soluzioni efficaci. Non crede la Commissione che, conformemente alle disposizioni del Trattato CE e, in particolare, degli articoli , l'Unione europea abbia il compito di sostenere e completare l'azione degli Stati membri nel campo della politica sociale, che include il diritto al lavoro? Consequently, many national social issues are rarely resolved effectively.

Plants are being expanded in other European countries where labour costs are lower while some departments in Italy are being closed down. Despite negotiations with unions to come to an agreement, which included a business plan to convert the plant — a plan which has not yet been implemented — the employees still find themselves in an untenable situation.

Are there any EU funds available which could be used to protect workers and improve their social conditions? The Commission is not in a position to assess the facts or state whether a private company has or has not complied with any national provision implementing an EU Directive. Provided that the workers' redundancies can be linked to trade related globalisation, Italy has the possibility to apply for support from the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund EGF.

Hoe oordeelt zij in het algemeen over staatssteun aan websites die concurreren met websites die niet gesubsidieerd worden? Deelt de Commissie de mening dat de door de overheid gefinancierde publieke omroep zich, afgezien van het vervullen van zijn wettelijke taken, zoals nieuwsvoorziening, zich niet dient te mengen in een concurrerende markt van private initiatieven? Deelt de Commissie de mening dat de website Joop.

Zowel de geschreven pers als omroepen maken gebruik van websites. Het is in deze context dat de Commissie de vragen van het geachte Parlementslid als volgt beantwoordt:. De Commissie heeft nota genomen van het standpunt dat de hoofdredacteur van De Volkskrant op Joop. Publieke omroepen mogen staatssteun gebruiken om hun diensten op nieuwe platforms aan te bieden en nieuwe diensten op te zetten die tot hun publieke opdracht behoren.

Does the Commission know that this website is funded by the public service broadcaster VARA and therefore with money obtained from the Dutch State? Does the Commission agree that, apart from exercising its statutory responsibilities such as news coverage, state-funded public service broadcasters should not interfere with a competitive market of private initiatives? Does the Commission agree that the Joop. One of the effects of the convergence of media markets has been increased competition by public service broadcasters with actors other than commercial broadcasters.

Both the written press and broadcasters use websites. It is against this background that the Commission replies to the Honourable Member's questions as follows. The Commission has taken note of the opinion of the editor-in-chief of De Volkskrant concerning Joop. Public service broadcasters are allowed to use state aid to offer their services on new platforms and to deploy new services which fall under the public service remit.

La Commissione intende continuare a favorire, attraverso il salvataggio delle banche spagnole, anche l'andazzo politico-clientelare dei prestiti bancari a tasso agevolato a favore delle squadre della. The details of the frightening financial situation of the Spanish banking system that have emerged as a result of the Bankia affair include evidence pointing to this and other Spanish financial institutions having given preferential treatment to the biggest clubs in the Spanish professional football league by granting them loans at subsidised rates and debt relief. Would it not agree that this financing represents a clear and documented distortion of competition with other European football clubs?

The Eurogroup stated that it was willing to respond favourably to such a request and committed to granting Spain financial assistance. Regarding possible state aid to professional football clubs, the Commission is aware of reports on substantial amounts of taxes and social security contributions which these clubs owe to the Spanish Government. The Commission verifies, as part of its activity of state aid control, that tax and social security debts of professional football clubs in Spain are not treated differently than similar debts of other economic actors.

La Commissione europea, nella sua comunicazione, presentata il 2. Sulla base di queste considerazioni, la Commissione non ritiene doveroso ed opportuno congelare la richiesta di adesione della Bosnia Erzegovina all'Unione europea? Nel suo rapporto presentato il Sulla base di queste considerazioni, ritiene la Commissione doveroso ed opportuno congelare la richiesta di adesione della Bosnia Erzegovina all'Unione europea?

Press sources indicate that its application for membership may be officially presented before the end of this year. Bosnia and Herzegovina showed limited progress with regard to bringing its legislation and policies into line with European standards;. Bosnia and Herzegovina continues to find itself in a political and institutional stalemate which prevents the State from functioning properly and from implementing the reforms required by the European Union;. Bosnia and Herzegovina has made very limited progress in the fight against corruption;. According to press sources, its official application for membership could be submitted before the end of this year.

In its report COM of Bosnia and Herzegovina has made little progress towards meeting European standards in a number of policy areas industry, SMEs, agriculture and rural development ;. As regards the first question, Bosnia and Herzegovina has not yet submitted an application for membership. Once such a credible application will have been received, it will be evaluated in line with established practice. Oggetto: Intervento dell'UE contro gli attacchi ai cristiani in Nigeria. Come intende la Commissione procedere per tutelare i cristiani e le loro chiese in Nigeria?

I recenti attentati terroristici in Nigeria hanno preso di mira, oltre alle chiese, edifici del governo e di sicurezza, mercati, scuole e civili innocenti senza distinzioni. A suicide bomber recently blew himself up in the courtyard of a church in the Yalwa area on the outskirts of the town of Bauchi in north-eastern Nigeria. This part of Nigeria has for some time been the site of a campaign of ethnic cleansing against Christians by extremist Islamic organisations linked to Al Qaeda, which have declared their intention to drive all Christians out of the country.

How does the Commission intend to protect Christians and their churches in Nigeria? The recent attacks by terrorists in Nigeria have targeted government and security buildings, markets, schools and innocent civilians of all kinds as well as churches. The EU is working together with Nigeria to help it tackle the challenges of creating durable security and dealing with the multiple socioeconomic and political factors conducive to radicalisation. The EU has already reoriented important parts of its cooperation programme with Nigeria to the North of the country to accelerate action against poverty and deprivation there.

Oggetto: L'UE non ceda al ricatto della Turchia sull'esenzione dei visti. Inoltre, il ministro pare abbia condizionato la revoca dei visti per i propri cittadini imposti dall'UE alla firma di un accordo per la riammissione degli immigrati clandestini che entrano dal proprio territorio in quello comunitario. La Commissione europea nel suo rapporto presentato il Quale valutazione intende la Commissione esprimere in merito a tali esternazioni del ministro degli esteri turco?

La legge viola il Patto costituzionale provvisorio della Libia e il diritto internazionale in materia di diritti umani. La legge n. Un altro problema consiste nella protezione delle minoranze e dei gruppi vulnerabili, in particolare gruppi che sono oggetto di discriminazioni e violazioni dei diritti umani in quanto considerati, sulla base di prove o di semplici presunzioni, sostenitori del precedente regime.

The law stipulates that, if the offensive statements damage the country, the offender may be sentenced to life in prison. The Libyan interim authorities have invested significant efforts in extending the rule of law and improving the human rights situation in a country devastated by four decades of authoritarian regime and by an internal conflict which caused the death of thousands.

Nonetheless considerable work remains to be done in Libya regarding respect for human rights. Another issue is the protection of minorities and vulnerable groups in particular groups which are the subject of discrimination and human rights violations on account of their alleged, documented or otherwise perceived support for the previous regime. The EU is also concerned to see that women can play a full role in the new Libya. The EU is already providing support to Libya in taking forward the process of democratic transition and will continue to work with the authorities and with civil society in promoting respect for human rights, the rule of law and democratic values.

Indtil nu er der ikke givet konkrete og detaljerede skriftlige oplysninger om Kommissionens holdning til forhandlingsteksten i WIPO. Het Parlement heeft unaniem een resolutie aangenomen waarin krachtig wordt gepleit voor een doeltreffende en bindende overeenkomst, en de commissaris beloofde hierover aan het Parlement verslag uit te brengen. Welke vooruitgang heeft de commissaris geboekt bij het verkrijgen van dit mandaat van Commissie en Raad? Kan de commissaris aangeven op welke struikelblokken hij is gestuit die een gemeenschappelijk Europees mandaat voor de onderhandelingen over dit onderwerp in de weg staan?

De Commissie staat volledig achter het werk van de Wereldorganisatie voor de intellectuele eigendom WIPO om de beschikbaarheid van boeken voor slechtzienden te verbeteren. De Europese Unie neemt actief deel aan de besprekingen over een toekomstig internationaal instrument. Aangezien de besprekingen hierover onder het Cypriotische voorzitterschap van start zouden gaan, is het tot op heden nog niet mogelijk geweest eventuele moeilijkheden vast te stellen.

De Commissie heeft reeds laten zien zich sterk te maken voor een bindend internationaal instrument door de Raad om een onderhandelingsmandaat voor een overeenkomst te vragen. Met steun van de lidstaten zal zij in de WIPO hiernaar blijven streven. A strong resolution in favour of an effective and binding treaty was approved unanimously by Parliament, and the Commissioner promised to report back to Parliament on this matter. What progress has the Commissioner made in seeking this mandate from the Commission and the Council? Can the Commissioner indicate what stumbling block he has encountered to finding a common European mandate for negotiating this issue?

The Commission is fully supportive of the work being carried out in the World Intellectual Property Organisation WIPO in order to facilitate access to books by visually impaired persons. The European Union is an active participant in the discussions on a future international instrument. As discussions on this request were set to start in the Council under the Cypriot Presidency, it has not yet been possible to identify any potential difficulties. The Commission has already shown its firm commitment to a binding international instrument by asking for a negotiating mandate for a treaty from the Council.

Betrifft: Finanzielle Hilfe und Wiedervereinigung in Zypern. Mit anderen Worten, leistet die finanzielle Hilfe wirklich einen Beitrag zur Wiedervereinigung? Mit den EU-Mitteln wurden u. Angesichts des breiten Spektrums der Hilfe und der schwierigen Rahmenbedingungen ist die Kommission der Auffassung, dass im Hinblick auf die wichtigsten Ziele Fortschritte erreicht wurden.

As the Honourable Member is aware, the Aid Regulation for the Turkish Cypriot community aims at facilitating the reunification of the island by encouraging the economic development of the Turkish Cypriot community. It has also fostered reconciliation, bi-communal cooperation as well as confidence building measures.

This has also had a positive knock-on effect on the economy.

For instance, EU funds supported substantial investments in water, wastewater treatment and solid waste management, and around 1, grants have been given to schools, NGOs, small businesses, farmers and students. The aid programme also supported the demining of the buffer zone as well as the Committee on Missing Persons and the bi-communal Technical Committee on cultural heritage.

Considering the broad spectrum of the assistance and the sensitive operating environment, the Commission believes that progress has been made towards the main objective. As well as financial assistance, the Commission continues to strongly support the settlement talks for a comprehensive solution to the Cyprus issue, which is long overdue.

Can the Commission provide information on how the proposed initiative of lifting restrictions on the carriage of liquids guarantees improved passenger experience? Can the Commission confirm whether the screening equipment to be used in connection with the lifting of the restriction on carrying liquids has been improved? It was noted that it delivered inconsistent results and that there was some difficulty in screening certain types of liquids, aerosols and gels in certain quantities and in certain types of containers.

Has the Commission considered the financial impact of the cost represented by LAGs liquids, aerosols and gels screening equipment at a time when Europe is facing an unprecedented economic crisis? The Commission together with Member States' experts and industry stakeholders in the field of aviation security has collected information from, and is finalising its analysis of, the trials that have been conducted at EU airports, the consultant's independent evaluation and other relevant information in respect of liquid screening.

Security and technology aspects, cost factors, industry concerns and international factors are being taken into account. The Commission is preparing its conclusions and will launch formal consultations with Member States and the European Parliament. Oggetto: Rischi ambientali legati al sito di stoccaggio provvisorio nella Piana dell'Olmo.

Nei giorni scorsi il Commissario Sottile ha comunicato l'intenzione di aprire un sito di stoccaggio provvisorio nella Piana dell'Olmo, nei pressi del Comune di Riano Provincia di Roma. Questa decisione ha incontrato una forte opposizione dei cittadini del suddetto comune e degli altri comuni limitrofi di Roma Nord. La presenza di falde affioranti, la vicinanza al fiume Tevere, l'assenza di barriere naturali e la presenza di case e zone abitate in stretta vicinanza al sito, fanno sorgere numerosi dubbi dei paesi limitrofi in relazione all'impatto ambientale di un potenziale sito di stoccaggio nella Piana dell'Olmo.

In particolare, prima del rilascio dell'autorizzazione finale di sviluppo devono essere debitamente effettuate tutte le necessarie procedure di valutazione. This decision has met with strong opposition from the citizens of Riano and of neighbouring municipalities in Northern Rome.

The proposed site would be close to a number of municipalities and would affect hundreds of thousands of inhabitants.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Commission is closely monitoring the developments of the waste situation in Lazio in order to ensure that it is handled by the competent Italian authorities in compliance with the relevant EU environmental law. It should be noted however, that the Commission cannot replace the national authorities, who are solely responsible for deciding the type and location of waste disposal installations to be built in their territory, provided that these installations are built, managed and monitored according to the relevant EU legislation.

In particular, all relevant assessment procedures have to be duly carried out before final development consent is granted. On the basis of the information available to date, it appears that no new landfill project, in Pian dell'Olmo or elsewhere in Lazio, has been granted final development consent and consequently, no breaches of EU environmental legislation can yet be identified. This Treaty is a treaty of international law that does not belong to the legal order of the Union. It is not for the Commission to provide its views on the interpretation of such a treaty.

Nevertheless it is clear that this treaty would not be capable of imposing obligations upon a State which is not a party to it. Oggetto: Liberalizzazione del cabotaggio e modifica del regolamento CE n. Come disposto dal regolamento CE n. This divergence in costs and tax systems between Member States has seriously distorted competition and encouraged dumping among operators in the sector.

The results of this assessment will be presented in a report of the Commission expected to be published in , which may if appropriate be followed-up by a legislative proposal. The Group also concludes that despite these differences, there is a case for gradual opening up of national transport markets, flanked with measures to ensure fair competition and working conditions, in order to reach a Single European Transport Area.

The Commission will continue its own preparatory work and will take these conclusions into account when issuing its own report. The Bologna Follow-up Group, which was given the task of assessing whether the Belarusian system of higher education was ready to be included in the pan-European structure, found that the principles and values of the Bologna Process, such as academic freedom, institutional autonomy and student participation in managing higher education, are not being upheld sufficiently in Belarus.

This decision will remain valid for the next three years. The remaining 2 projects are Structural Measures; contributing to the development and reform of education institutions and systems at a national level, addressing issues linked to governance reform, or enhancing the links between higher education and society. Since , 50 Belarusian students have received a scholarship for Erasmus Mundus Masters Courses and around Belarusian nationals have taken part in the action 2 mobility scheme , experiencing a different, international, perspective of their academic subject and, strengthening their future employability and personal development.

Belarusian universities have developed good practices related to international cooperation and academic curricula. The EU may also conclude an international agreement with a Member State of the Union for matters for which it has competence, but where that competence does not extend to the particular Member State.

Vor diesem Hintergrund wird die Kommission um die Beantwortung folgender Fragen gebeten:. Ist eine Stakeholder-Konsultation geplant? Falls nicht, welche Daten werden dem Impact Assessment zugrunde gelegt? Sind entsprechende wissenschaftliche Studien geplant? Ist vorgesehen, im Impact Assessment aufzuzeigen, wie verhindert werden kann, dass Lebensmittel in eine solche 1. Klasse eingeteilt werden? These nutrient profiles do not yet exist, and the Commission is apparently now planning to carry out an initial impact assessment. Why did the Commission not carry out an impact assessment before publishing the proposed regulation, even though it is obliged to do so?

Why was the European Parliament not informed that the Commission is now planning an impact assessment for nutrient profiles? What will the nature of this impact assessment be, and what timeframe is planned for this purpose? Are there plans to consult stakeholders? If not, what data is to be used as a basis for the impact assessment? How can the Commission ensure that the legal evaluation of nutrient profiles is also taken into consideration? How can the Commission ensure that an impact assessment regarding the efficacy of nutrient profiles in preventing obesity, in particular among children and young people, is included?

After all, prevention was the main argument used by the Commission in support of nutrient profiles. Are there plans to carry out scientific studies for this purpose? How can the Commission ensure that the impact assessment will also include the negative effects of nutrient profiles on consumer information, as, under certain circumstances, it may no longer be permissible to provide important information about foodstuffs?

The regulation was adopted by the European Parliament and the Council that were fully aware of the situation. Today the Commission's policy is to carry out an impact assessment for all new policy initiatives, including implementing measures which may have significant impacts. The application of nutrient profiles may restrict the use of claims in certain products. Claims are voluntary statements with a strong promotional effect which nutrient profiles aim to counterbalance in order to avoid misleading consumers. Nutrient profiles will not affect the provision of important mandatory information.

Oggetto: Sostegno ai cluster industriali delle zone dell'Emilia Romagna colpite dal terremoto. La Commissione segue con particolare attenzione la situazione. Il finanziamento totale del P. Sono in corso altri interventi; un altro dovrebbe essere annunciato a breve, attraverso un intermediario di garanzia attivo nella vicina regione Lombardia. The repeated violent earthquakes that continue to affect Emilia-Romagna and other northern regions have resulted in many casualties and destroyed small and medium-sized enterprises.

They have also put severe strain on important districts and clusters, particularly those in Emilia-Romagna specialising in the biomedical, automotive, ceramics and agrifood industries. The Commission is particularly concerned about this situation. Vice-President Tajani and Commissioner Hahn visited the affected zones and announced that the relaunch of the local economy will be a priority. Part of the Structural Funds for Emilia Romagna have been reallocated for reconstruction purposes, although the resources available are limited compared to the extent of the damage.

The overall funding of the R. A significant part of it is for SMEs, e. The fund provides financial support to businesses locally based or willing to start up a unit in the region. Other operations are ongoing and one additional should be announced soon through a guarantee intermediary operating in the nearby Lombardia region. According to the information provided, the total amount of energy from renewable sources was only 9. Increased generation of renewable energy would reduce this dependence. What measures will the Commission take to compel Spain to achieve European environmental objectives?

Does the Commission not believe that it would be useful to set partial objectives — for example, every three years — in order to monitor compliance with renewable energy requirements on an ongoing basis, rather than wait until ? The Commission is continuously monitoring renewable energy policy developments in Spain with a view to consider further action at EU level if necessary.

The RED contains an indicative trajectory setting out the levels of renewable energy to be reached in four two-year periods between and La Commissione europea negli ultimi anni ha continuato ad emanare direttive e regolamenti che riducono i limiti di emissione di sostanze chimiche e principi attivi che risultano dannosi per l'ambiente e per la salute.

Tali direttive e modifiche di regolamenti comportano obblighi di applicazione per gli Stati membri. Non appena la Commissione viene a conoscenza della loro esistenza, i siti di discariche abusive e i siti che non soddisfano i requisiti minimi previsti dalla legislazione dell'UE sono sottoposti a una procedura di infrazione. In recent years, the Commission has continued to issue directives and regulations to reduce emissions of chemicals and active substances harmful to the environment and to health.

The ETS system was devised to make European industries pay for CO 2 emissions on a quota basis, since CO 2 is considered to be responsible for climate change although the gas is not toxic and is even used to produce carbonated soft drinks. These directives and amendments to regulations entail obligations for Member States, which must apply them. The justification cannot be that landfill reclamation is the responsibility of the States, since this would mean, by analogy, that prohibiting the production and use of chemicals and active substances would also be the responsibility of the Member States.

Unauthorised landfill sites and sites which do not meet the minimum requirements set in EU legislation are subject to infringement procedures once the Commission is aware of their existence. Currently the Commission is conducting more than 20 infringement procedures in cases relating to illegal landfilling, other cases are being investigated. Oggetto: Riparare i danni subiti dai cittadini per erronee politiche ambientali.

Ogni anno i cittadini italiani sborsano a vantaggio del GSE — Gestore dell'intero sistema elettrico nazionale e quindi Ente monopolista del tutto anomalo nel panorama europeo — per tale sostegno non meno di 7 miliardi di euro e si prevede che a breve questa cifra salga a 11 miliardi. The European Union must provide citizens with a firm guarantee that the resources will be used without anyone profiting unfairly from this policy or being improperly favoured, without the Member States using the aid to help companies that do not deserve it, and — most importantly — without funding any illegal business deals, whether by individuals or by criminal organisations.

There must be an end to the era of unfocused and deeply worrying subsidies, as in the case of the sums paid by Italians for the improbable importation of renewable electricity into Italy — an issue highlighted in the previous question. Commissioner Oettinger stated clearly that certificates of origin could not be used by GSE to show that electricity imported from another country came from renewable sources.

Under both Directives, as well as under EU consumer protection legislation, Member State governments have a duty to ensure that their guarantee of origin regime is accurate, reliable and fraud resistant. In data La direttiva, che contiene norme intese a garantire la trasparenza in relazione alle sostanze pericolose presenti in tali stabilimenti, non si applica tuttavia agli stabilimenti, agli impianti e ai depositi militari.

This communication lays down the right of citizens to be informed about all activities that affect the environment and about any related risks. In Europe, industries that produce toxic substances or derivatives from military applications e. The public bodies responsible for monitoring any potential atmospheric emissions of these substances cannot have reference samples, but must request them from the manufacturer itself, with the obvious risk that samples may be deliberately tampered with. Can the Commission say how it proposes to reconcile the communication on transparency of information with the absolute secrecy surrounding the use of substances that are extremely hazardous to health, still completely shrouded in secrecy and the presence of which in the atmosphere cannot be determined with any certainty?

The directive, which includes rules aimed at ensuring transparency regarding the dangerous substances present in those establishments, does not apply however to military establishments, installations or storage facilities. In principle, establishments producing substances or derivatives for military applications would not automatically fall under this exception.

Accordingly, they would, provided certain thresholds are met, be obliged to make their inventory of dangerous substances available to the public. This provision is however subject to rules regarding confidentiality of data, national defence and public security. In view of the above, the Commission sees no need to reconcile anything further on this issue. There is no absolute secrecy surrounding the use of dangerous substances.

The rules on transparency prevail, provided they do not jeopardise the protection of public security. I medici che tengono Maleki sotto osservazione hanno ordinato un piano speciale di assistenza medica post-operazione, disponendo il congedo medico — previsto dai regolamenti carcerari. Una sua confessione sarebbe il lasciapassare per ottenere il congedo per malattia.

His health is now in serious danger. Without this operation, the right kidney, the only one still keeping him alive, may be damaged as the disease progresses. The prison authorities have denied this request but have given no official reason. A confession would be his passport to obtaining sick leave. The EU will continue to monitor the situation and to call on Iran to provide appropriate medical care.

Oggetto: Aiuti di Stato nel settore del cargo aereo. In tal senso, secondo giurisprudenza costante, un apporto di capitali pubblici soddisfa il criterio dell'investitore privato e non implica un aiuto statale nel caso in cui tale apporto avvenga in concomitanza con un significativo apporto di capitale da parte di un investitore privato effettuato in condizioni comparabili. Appare compatibile con il citato principio un apporto di capitale di natura esclusivamente pubblica concesso da uno Stato membro a favore di una compagnia aerea avente azionariato misto e nella quale solo gli azionisti direttamente riconducibili al potere pubblico contribuiscono all'aumento di capitale, mentre gli azionisti privati rinunciano a partecipare?

Accettando condizioni che non sono conformi al mercato, l'investitore pubblico non agisce come un investitore privato. In caso di dubbio la Commissione incoraggia gli Stati membri, per ragioni di certezza del diritto, a notificare le misure statali previste prima della loro attuazione.

La Commissione provvede poi a valutare ogni caso singolarmente. The assumption underpinning the principle is that the state should conduct business in the same way as a private entrepreneur, which is based on the profit motive. If private participation is significant, both in quantity and in the objectives pursued, public participation will also appear reasonable. In this regard, according to settled case law, a public capital contribution will comply with the private investor criterion and will not imply state aid if that contribution is made in parallel with a significant capital contribution by a private investor made subject to comparable terms.

Whether the foregoing principle is compatible with a purely public capital contribution granted by a Member State to an airline under mixed ownership in which only the shareholders directly controlled by public authorities contribute to the capital increase, while private shareholders do not participate? If so, how can the principle of equal treatment of public and private investors be applied and assessed in this case? If the Member State decides to make a capital injection to an airline under mixed ownership and only the public shareholders contribute to the capital increase, while the private shareholders do not participate, the.

The principle holds that a public investor can invest like a private one, so each case must be examined on its own merits as to whether or not it complies with the test. If the public investor is accepting conditions that are not market-conform, then the public body would not be acting as a private investor. In case of doubt, the Commission encourages Member States to notify intended state measures before their implementation for reasons of legal certainty.

The Commission will then assess each case on its own merits. This closure will involve the direct loss of more than jobs in one of the regions most affected by the economic crisis and industrial decline. Moreover, this decision breaches agreements signed in between the group and the unions to maintain employment at the Martorelles plant through increased investment and enhanced competitiveness. In view of this situation, is the Commission, through its European Restructuring Monitor ERM observatory, aware of the threat to this plant and this area? Does the Commission believe that Europe should use European Globalisation Adjustment Fund EGF resources in the future to help deal with similarly difficult cases, where, if relocation occurs, the area will suffer a very significant loss of both direct and indirect employment?

The relocation the Honourable Members are referring to is listed in the European Restructuring Monitor. The Commission is not in a position to assess the facts or state whether a private company has or has not complied with any national provisions implementing EU Directives or any other agreement between management and labour. It is for the competent national authorities and institutions, including the courts, to ensure that the national law and practices are correctly and effectively applied by the employer concerned, having regard to the specific circumstances of each case.

That is why the Commission proposed to continue the EGF also in the next financial period. However, in order to maximise EU value added, the EGF should continue to intervene only in cases involving a critical mass of redundancies that are related to structural changes in world trade patterns or resulting from serious disruption of local, regional or national economies caused by an unexpected crisis. The explanations of all the articles of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union were not drawn up under the Council's authority but under the authority of the Praesidium of the European Convention.

Interpreting the Charter is not within the remit of the Council. The PCA seeks to integrate Iraq into the developed world, yet we must remember that this is a country where countless human rights violations are still committed. The PCA supports democratic efforts in Iraq and the improvement of conditions for women and other vulnerable groups. The European Union follows the human rights situation in Iraq very closely and has consistently voiced its human rights concerns in its dialogue with the Iraqi authorities. UNAMI continued to receive reports from detainees and other relatives that many face abuse and mistreatment, and on occasion, torture.

The European Union has long been committed to the freedom of movement of labour. However, during accession negotiations with the and enlargement countries, transitional arrangements were agreed upon which allowed countries to restrict access to their labour markets for nationals of the new Member States for certain periods, depending on their economic climates and national unemployment figures.

It concludes that free movement of workers is beneficial to the economy. Transitional arrangements on free movement of workers have applied after most of the EU's enlargements. The Act of Accession of Croatia provides for transitional arrangements along the lines of those in the and Acts of Accession. This issue will be addressed also in the future accession negotiations at the appropriate moment. Tessitore S. Testa F. Anderson B. Athanassoglou S. Baker E. Battaglia M.

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