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The Snake Chaser. likes ยท talking about this. The Snake Chaser Nuisance Wildlife Removal and Management Service responds to calls in Myrtle.. .
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He don't till you what he does with them.


The Snake Chaser

Does he kill them, take them to kill shelters, dump them elsewhere. Cats are not distructive or dangerous as a Bob cat would be.

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They do not attack, they run away from people. They are not messy eaters like raccoons, rats, possum. They cover their feces, not like dogs that leave their poop out in the open.

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They look for handouts from people, like caregivers of colonies. They are considered a domestic animal, no matter if raised in the woods. There are more humane laws on the books that are not being implemented.

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  7. Animal control is not doing their job either. Send Inquiry. Oil separator. Insulation jacket. Gi threaded rods.

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    Gi ducting. Fiber shield. Commercial Air Purifiers Cs Combosonic 3d Stereo Wave Pest Repeller.


    Supersonic Bird Chaser. Ultrasonic Dog Chaser. Mosquito Repeller Lc Bird Repeller.

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    Monkey Repeller. Air Purifier. Electronic Mosquito Repeller. Ultrasonic Dog Chaser.

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