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Austin C.

A Few Good Men - Silver Bells

Burdick, Dr. Scarface-- at Roy Glashan's Library. Psyche Illustrated --at Roy Glashan's Library. Felicitas A. Bissula A. Gelimer A. The Scarlet Banner Gelimer A. Night - No. Issued to celebrate the fiftieth birthday, in , of the Mercantile Mutual Insurance Company. The Adventures of Louis de Rougemont-- Text. Johnston of Malaspina University-College, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada, may be used, in whole or in part, by anyone, without permission and without charge, provided the source is acknowledged.

Released October For comments and suggestions for improvements, please contact Ian Johnston]. Stories at Roy Glashan's Library. Titles available at Roy Glashan's Library. Journals of Expeditions of Discovery into Central Australia, etc. A Voyage to Terra Australis Vol. Who Killed Castelvetri? Still copyright in Australia. The Famous Cases of Dr. The Adventures of Dr. Thorndyke's Case-Book a. File No. Voyage of Discovery to N. Available at at Roy Glashan's Library. The Federal Capital.

Other novels and short fiction are available from Roy Glashan's Library in various formats. Eureka --at Roy Glashan's Library. Journey of Discovery to Port Phillip [edited by W. Desmond Humphreys; E. Jayne Gilbert. The Tragedy of a Third Smoker. Byerley Also refer to an account by A J Richardson. The Country of the Pointed Firs-- Text. Works availabe at Roy Glashan's Library.

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Der Roman einer Wolke Sternentau. We Have Come Through! Ida LEE Falsivir's Travels--at Roy Glashan's Library. Chisholm's research and discovery of Gilbert's diaries and letters throws a new light on Leichhardt's expedition. Leichhardt's Third Expedition [edited by Rev. Lindt during Sir Peter Scratchley's Expedition. See Wikipedia for a brief biography. The Vintons and the Karens: Memorials of Rev. Quill Gold --at Roy Glashan's Library Unprofitable Ivory --at Roy Glashan's Library Strangers of the Amulet --at Roy Glashan's Library Raiders of Abyssinia --at Roy Glashan's Library Slaves for Ethiopia --at Roy Glashan's Library And Charles as well, in 3-D this time, wearing a pair of check pants and swinging a golf club.

Greatly relieved that I hadn't landed in some improper dream according to studies, over 35 percent of dreams are about sex , I quickly adjusted my outfit to the scenario: polo shirt, linen pants, golf shoes, and — because I simply couldn't resist it — a peaked cap. I strolled closer as casually as possible. The door to the corridor had closed gently behind me and now stood in the middle of the grass like a surreal work of art.

After landing, Charles's ball went straight into the hole with a single elegant movement, and his companion, a man of his own age with strikingly good teeth, cursed softly. Then his eyes fell on me, and he smiled even more broadly. Did you see that? It was a hole in one. Which means I've won our match by a huge margin. The guy there looking so grim is Antony, my old friend from university. But don't worry, he's all right — he's just not used to losing to me. As Antony ran the fingers of one hand through his luxuriant hair, the triumph disappeared from Charles's face.

And my mom. After all, she was in love with Charles's bald brother, Ernest. Although presumably in spite of his bald patch, not because of it. Now we'd see if Charles was serious about Lottie. At least he was smiling again when he said her name. Now, of all times! If Charles woke now, the whole dream would collapse, and I'd fall into a void, a very unpleasant experience that I wasn't keen to repeat in a hurry.

As the high note went on swelling, while cracks were already appearing in the sky, I sprinted back to the door and grasped the handle just as the ground threatened to give way beneath me. With one last stride, I was safely through the doorway and out in the corridor, closing the door behind me. But my mission had obviously failed. I still didn't know how Charles really felt about Lottie. Even though he had smiled at the mention of her name.

And then, in the sudden hush, I heard it: a familiar, unpleasant rustling only a few yards away. Although there was no one in sight and a sensible voice in my head told me that, after all, I was only dreaming, I couldn't hold back my fear.

The feeling was as nasty as that rustling sound. Without knowing exactly what I was doing or who I was running away from, I took to my heels. And coming closer. I scuttled around the corner into the next corridor, where I'd find my own dream door. To call the sound a rustling wasn't quite right — that sounds more like a harmless rat, and this rustling was anything but harmless.

It was the most mysterious rustling I'd ever heard, like a curtain being drawn back to reveal a hollow-cheeked chainsaw murderer with a bloodst —. I slowed down abruptly.

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Because there was already someone waiting for me beside my door. Luckily not a hollow-cheeked chainsaw murderer, someone much better-looking. My boyfriend for the last eight and a half weeks. And not just in my dreams but in real life too. Although it did seem to me that we spent far more time together in our dreams than when we were awake. He was leaning back against the wall, as he so often did, with his arms folded, and he was smiling. The very special Henry smile that was just for me and always made me feel I was the luckiest girl in the whole world. Normally I'd have smiled back with what I hoped was an equally special Liv smile and flung myself into his arms, but at the moment there wasn't any time for it.

The Silver Trilogy

The flap of the mailbox opened, and someone pushed out first a piece of paper and then a pen, infuriatingly slowly. Wu said in dulcet tones from the other side of the door. I cursed quietly. My security system was brilliant at fending off unwanted strangers, not so good when I wanted to get to safety in a hurry myself.

For instance, a cheetah. Or a moon rocket The pen in my hand was shaking slightly, but my fears had subsided a good deal in Henry's presence. I didn't hear any more rustling. All the same, I was sure we weren't alone.

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Hadn't it turned darker? And colder? Yes, very true. But in the first place, I'd wanted to turn into a large, dangerous jaguar, not a cute little cat, and in the second place, no one had been following me. Henry and I had just been trying a few things out for fun. It was a mystery to me how you could concentrate and turn into something quickly if you were threatened by a terrifying, invisible creature and your knees were knocking with fright. I guessed Henry was so good at all that transformation stuff because he was never afraid. Even now he was grinning, without a care in the world. Gritting my teeth, I had finally scribbled Felt slipper pom-pom on the piece of paper, folded it into a triangle, and posted it back through the mailbox.

Wu from inside the door, and it opened. I grabbed Henry's arm, hauled him in through the doorway, and slammed the door behind us. Then I breathed a sigh of relief.

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We'd made it. I'd never have dared to hiss at him in real life. Wu bowed to me and the real Mr. Wu would never have done that and gave Henry a brief nod.