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Reliability means that the assessment gives an accurate and consistent measurement over time, such as test-retest reliability same test given twice or more to the same person.

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The candidate undergoes the following in order to thoroughly prepare a career road map: Assessment test followed by a 2 hrs one on one session with a senior Career mentor. Research work done by student on a career research journal of Dheya to understand the suggested career options. Homework by child and parent on a Dheya framework workbook including all factors necessary for career decision. Visualization session followed by writing the vision to understand own aspirations.

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Preparation of a comprehensive career road map and goal setting, short, medium and long term. Support and guidance for life. The student understands all aspects of career planning. A comprehensive roadmap and skills upgradation plan to achieve set goals. The student makes thoughtful career choices and education choices.

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The student takes charge of his or her career and yields positive results in academics and in life. Assessment Test — Online or Offline. Lifelong Support. Creative Visualisation. Goal Setting: 10 Year Career Plan. Plan Now. Dheya Compass.


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Buy Now. The program is activity based and not just lecture. So students enjoy learning. A career is the total of our work activities—at home, at work, our education and in our extra curricular activities.

A career also includes the time we spend learning new things. Career planning is to decide long term goals of your life, your life style and your achievement and plan your education, skill development and grooming to be able to achieve them. It helps students to know their potential ,and motivates them to work towards their goals using the same.

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Every individual who has some dreams must plan the career. Having dreams is good but not enough if the right efforts in right direction are not done to fulfill them. Career planning is based on the Scientific career assessment tests which measure the abilities, interests and personality of the kid.

These tests are also used for Career Choice and guidance. Dheya gets your parents involved in the career guidance and planning process. Since your parents are one of the stake holders in you education and career, their participation till the age of 18 is a must. Our Career guidance process is well researched and scientific. Browse occupations. Explore industries Find out about the occupations and employment opportunities in Australia's key industries. Browse all industries.

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Arts and recreation. Browse career articles Read in-depth information and insider knowledge by career experts.

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Search courses Find a course for your career path that suits your learning preferences and location. Find courses. Browse institutions Find out more about myfuture's featured tertiary education institutions. Explore career bullseyes Start exploring career pathways by selecting a learning area. Explore pathways.