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The Hunt (Danish: Jagten) is a Danish drama film directed by Thomas Vinterberg and starring Mads Mikkelsen. The story is set in a small Danish village .
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Now Vinterberg has come storming back with a gripping and moving work, co-written with Tobias Lindholm and directed with clarity and craftsmanship. It has also been tremendously photographed by Charlotte Bruus Christensen.

Mads Mikkelsen is outstanding in the leading role of Lucas, suggesting suppressed agony with the minutest gestures, and there is a performance of eerie potency and poignancy from Annika Wedderkopp, playing Klara, the little girl in the eye of the storm. Lucas is a recently divorced teacher in a small town in Denmark.

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He is withdrawn and unsettled: custody of his son has been given to his ex-wife, and a school closure has meant he has lost his job, and been forced to take a lowlier position at a kindergarten nearby. He is a popular member of this close-knit community, whose hard-drinking menfolk go in for boisterous outdoor pursuits and knockabout local traditions, including an annual deer hunt, whose obvious metaphorical possibilities Vinterberg handles with cool confidence. While they yell at each other, neglected Klara comes to rely on kindlyLucas walking her to kindergarten and letting her play with his dog.

One morning, there is an incident with Klara's yobbish older brother and his mate, which feeds into Klara's muddled need to show her affection for Lucas. He rebukes her, and through over-imagination, hurt feelings and spite, Klara concocts an accusation she forgets about almost the next moment, but which spreads and metastasises in the world of grownup bureaucracy.

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Vinterberg brilliantly and unforgivingly plays on two of the most important aspects of this kind of accusation: each person in authority must cover themselves and prove they play no part in any conspiracy of silence, and that they are not ignoring the testimony of the vulnerable. These impeccable considerations work against an innocent person. Importantly, Vinterberg does not suggest any kind of ambiguity. There is no doubt Lucas is innocent: and yet we see how rational people might believe the opposite, and how they reach a no-turning-back moment of group hysteria in which the accused person becomes taboo, an unclean microbe to be expelled.

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Little Klara is at fault, yet utterly innocent, a terrifyingly combustible combination. The single moment of bad faith created by Vinterberg occurs when the headteacher, Grethe Susse Wold , at a crucial early stage, overhears Lucas in the staff kitchen flirting with a teacher, Nadja Alexandra Rapaport — crucially, an outsider — and this appears to tip the scales against him. Marks on a tree that I thought were just bark were actually signs of animal life.

The woods and nature spoke to them. It was a language I could not hear.


I stood in awe of their abilities and grew curious about the animals and their relationships with nature and man. The way the animals searched for food and called their mates fascinated me.

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In the animals, I saw a balance and clarity that I had not seen elsewhere. They possessed the wisdom to live for the moment and seek only what they needed. The death brought by man to animals reveals our lives to be one small, yet important link in an ongoing cycle of life and death.

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Nature, animal and man are all intertwined components of a larger force. For me, this was realized through The Hunt. The Hunt reveals a world mostly hidden in an urban society increasingly divorced from its rural roots.