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Beat Cancer Before it Beats You!!!: Foreword by Dr. Kalind Bakshi M.D. Vascular Surgeon and Health Coach AN OPTION TO TEST AND MANAGE ACIDITY IN.
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Bradford S. Weeks, M. If you have a fully functioning immune system, you cannot have cancer. Sunil Pai, M. Our body already has this natural mechanism to fight cancer, we just have to take care of it. To overcome cancer, to stop it before it begins, or to reverse it once you contracted it, I am convinced your immune system has to be a major player. AJ Lanigan, Immunologist Any good health measure is an anti-cancer measure. Keith Scott Mumby, M. D The one thing that does cure cancer is your immune system.

Roby Mitchell, M. Breast cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer in women, with the exception of cancers of the skin. An estimated The Solution Believe it or not, the solution is up to you… By and large, cancer is a preventable condition. Top 10 Natural Cancer Strategies to Beat Cancer Listed below are some of the most popular natural cancer-fighting protocols right now. Budwig Diet The Budwig diet, also known as the Budwig protocol, is a diet considered to be excellent in the prevention of cancer and as a natural treatment for cancer.

Vitamin D A link has been made between Vitamin D deficiency and certain types of cancers, suggesting that the deficiency may have contributed to premature deaths. Fasting Intermittent fasting has been practiced by many different cultures for centuries, however in the United States it is just catching on as a way to lose weight and heal the body naturally. Beta Glucan You have probably seen the television commercials touting the heart benefits of eating a bowl of oatmeal every morning.

Essential Oils Essential oils are all the rage at the moment, but can they really work in addressing cancer? Stress Relief Next to sugar consumption, stress is arguably the 1 cause of disease in the human body. Thankfully, effective coping strategies are available: First and foremost, prayer Training techniques in relaxation, meditation, or stress management Counseling Cancer education sessions Exercise to raise endorphins and increase circulation and cognitive function It is suggested to ask for help from a trusted Christian counselor if you are experiencing stress, anxiety, and depression related to a cancerous condition.

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Natural Remedies for Hot Flashes and Insomnia As you approach menopause you may find symptoms uncomfortable - even disruptive! These natural remedies for hot flashes and insomnia relief will help! Essential Oils for Detox: All You Need to Know It is impossible to escape the toxins in your environment, but you can easily learn how to do an essential oil detox to help reduce your risk and support the detoxification process!

As Christians we may wonder, what does the Bible say about depression. The answer is - a LOT and there are things we can do to naturally help support good mental health from nutrition to essential oils. Learn how to ease depression naturally! Chemicals in Laundry Detergent Ingredients and Their Dangers As you look for ways to improve the health of your family and home, the dangerous chemicals in laundry detergent is a great place to start.

Body Care Products — Essential Oil DIY Guide An entire section of toxins is often overlooked in spite of being arguably one of the most dangerous sources of toxins: body care products. Social Justice.

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From Our Partners. Other claims, he says, are outright scams, used to promote books and videos that purport to share the secret of curing cancer or AIDS. But genuine cases do exist, and throughout the history of medicine, physicians have recorded cases of spontaneous remission. These cases cause doctors to scratch their heads in wonder at what brought them about. But most of the attention on spontaneous recovery continues to focus on cancer, which takes the lives of over half a million people in the United States alone each year. During his month of meditation and healthy living, white rings developed around his skin tumors, causing what doctors call a halo sign.

The Body Can Beat Terminal Cancer — Sometimes

These findings are considered evidence that the immune system is attacking melanocytes, the pigmented cells in the skin that are the source of this cancer. Did some as yet unidentified factor make his lung tumor mysteriously disappear? Today researchers are just beginning to piece together the clues they hope will allow them to see what makes a deadly cancer sometimes reverse course and melt away.

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Much of their research focuses on the immune system, which they describe as a sort of military unit that protects the body from foreign invaders. T lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell, serve as a frontline defense against invading bacteria and viruses. A subtype of T lymphocyte, known as a natural killer NK cell, patrols the body, attacking and killing viruses and cancer cells. Despite the remarkable insights researchers now have about the immune system, it remains a daunting task to develop immune modulators—drugs that can mimic the immune system or trigger it into action.

From near death to the all clear – is this man proof doctors can FINALLY beat cancer?

That is because there are a few dozen distinct immune cells that release between 50 and signaling molecules—molecules that tell the other cells what to do and when. When the relationships among these cells and molecules are graphed, the result looks like a plate of spaghetti.

Altering the behavior of one cell or molecule can upset the entire system. Even when the immune system is aided by immune-modulating drugs, cancer remains a wily adversary: Cancer cells can dress up in a clever disguise by cloaking themselves in clumps of platelets cells that assist in blood clotting as they travel through the bloodstream. Since the immune system does not normally attack its own platelets, the camouflage provides safe passage to the cancer cells as they migrate to distant parts of the body.

On the other hand, regression of early microscopic cancers may occur more readily and may be common. A microscopic cancer can be likened to a paper fire in a wastebasket: A small fire may be easily contained and may even burn out without incinerating the house. But once a fire escapes the wastebasket and the drapes and furniture go up in flames, the chances that the house will escape destruction are slim indeed. Even more remarkable is that when the body does somehow induce a late-stage spontaneous remission, sending metastatic cancers spinning in reverse until they vanish, the body not only overcomes the evasions and counterattacks mounted by the cancer, it does so without the terrible side effects that can accompany current cancer treatments.

But is it possible?

From near death to the all clear - is this man proof doctors can FINALLY beat cancer?

One of the earliest systematic efforts to understand spontaneous remission was made by William Coley, an American bone surgeon born in Coley was driven to his research following the death of the first patient he would diagnose with sarcoma, a cancer that affects bone and muscle. The patient, year-old Bessie Dashiell, who was a close friend of John D.

Rockefeller Jr. When a biopsy revealed that the girl had sarcoma, Coley amputated her arm just below the elbow in a desperate bid to save her life. Despite his efforts, the cancer spread throughout her body, and she died nearly three months after Coley diagnosed her. Doctors noticed that some cancer patients who suffered serious infections recovered from their cancer shortly afterward. Unfortunately, a number of patients died from the infections instead of their cancer; just how many is hard to say since medical studies in the s were not methodical and often consisted of case reports.

Beating Cancer The Natural Way

Coley nevertheless believed there was something to be gained from such experiments, and so he scoured hospital medical records for cases of spontaneous remission in sarcoma patients. When he found the patient quite alive and fully recovered, Coley became determined to test his hypothesis that sarcoma patients could be cured by infection. Coley spent the rest of his career, until he died in , perfecting recipes for a brew of infectious agents and their toxins that could stimulate an immune response—without killing the patient.

His efforts met with variable successes and failures. Parke-Davis produced the toxins, then known as mixed bacterial vaccines, or MBVs. Yet as recently as , doctors at Dartmouth and Harvard universities concluded that Coley may have been right that some infections, particularly those caused by Streptococcus, might cause tumor regression. However, the researchers said the study was small and subject to bias, leaving their findings in doubt.


The hope that a drug or mind-body connection could be used to trigger a spontaneous remission has led researchers to study both the intricacies of the immune system and the mind, and the connections between them. Immune modulating drugs targeted to attack certain cancers have achieved blockbuster status in the past decade. Rituximab, a monoclonal antibody that attacks cancer cells in patients with a certain subtype of B-cell lymphoma , was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in Researchers at biotech companies around the globe are devoting their careers to the development of other immune modulators, and a number of new agents are in the pipeline.

Performing scientifically sound experiments that can be reproduced over and over is exactly what Weinberg and his colleagues are doing. Antoine E. Karnoub, another researcher at Whitehead, performs experiments on living human and mouse cells that are kept in a freezer packed with liquid nitrogen.

When he opens the freezer lid, white clouds escape. Karnoub quickly closes the lid and explains that the human cells he tests were removed from patients during surgery or from biopsy specimens. Eventually, says Weinberg, the scientific insights learned from researchers like Karnoub may help others develop anticancer drugs.

The bibliography provides the most comprehensive review available of the published literature on spontaneous remissions. Reports included in the bibliography indicate that some cancers regressed after they outgrew their blood supply and underwent necrosis, or tissue death. This observation led researchers to develop antiangiogenesis drugs that inhibit the growth of new blood vessels.


Bevacizumab, the first angiogenesis inhibitor approved by the FDA, is in use now to treat colon cancer.