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How This Book Will Benefit You 1. Profit From Expert Advice It makes sense to learn from a trusted and qualified source. Steve McKnight is a qualified.
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G'day Keg, Let me start by saying I haven't yet read his latest book. Les , 7th Dec, Bandita likes this. Joined: 30th Aug, Messages: Location: Melb. But I am sure he bought 30 odd houses in Buffalo in the USA in one hit - and am also aware of him buying in NZ - probably would have done 30 odd there as well at a guess. This is not a tall poppy post - I have a lot of respect for Steve and Dave - just trying to add some perspective. RaiLing , 8th Dec, I believe at any one time they only held at about 80 or 90 properties and that around is a more accurate total figure; either way, great work and they've done well Looking forward to reading all of the book.

Joined: 5th Jan, Messages: Location: bully buster, cyber or not. What kind of life one will have? Think of all the leaking taps, blocked toilets need to be fixed. Give me a few quality properties with good tenants anytime.

14: Real Estate Investing Advice: 1-5 Properties

Joined: 10th Jan, Messages: 8, Location: Australia. Dazz , 9th Dec, A few little points OK, I know- but it's the first Borders in Canberra, just opened, and the biggest bookshop in town. I'll just have to watch the prices there- especially for books readily available elsewhere. Copyright How does he do that? A brand new book, just out, with reviews.

Obviously people who have been able to get the proofs for free. It makes the "reviews" thing a little suss.

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I know it's quite possible- but it's the first time I've seen it done. I haven't read a lot yet. But he's no longer in the "Cash Flow Positive forever" mantra.

From 0 to 260+: Properties in 7 Years

In the first section of the book, property has barely been mentioned, but budgets, money handling, and strategies depending on your own knowledge, and stage in the cycle have been. So it's perhaps got more than I had expected- especially as capital growth- as one part of a strategy- appears to be taken into account.

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Anyway I went and bought all three of his books - helping the foundation along on it's path I guess. I am about 80 pages into the first book and find it light reading which is good. Looks to be getting into nitty gritty stuff now, which is reason for buying books. However I was a little miffed when it refers to the website for additional info and when you go there you get a online store link to buy the info for smackers, I'm refering to the buyer beware info.

They don't even provide an extract or a example of one for you to see. Fortunately I have a document somewhere which has a property checklist for inspections so I think I could negate buying this. Anyway I'll have to have a look and find if I can see that additional chapter - probably charge for that too. If you've got extra pages or info don't say go and have a look under the guise that it's handy info and you'll get it for free when you won't.

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  • Full Name Comment goes here. Tai Chi is far more than a form of exercise; it is a complete philosophy and way of living based on ancient Chinese wisdom.

    From 0 to 260+: Properties in 7 Years

    Through an examination of selected verses from the classic text the Tao Te Ching, this concise volume reveals the traditions, philosophy, and essence of Tai Chi. See how to practice Tai Chi every second of the day. Understand how Tai Chi movements help a student achieve inner balance. Find out what transformation must take place in order to realize the discipline's true benefits.

    From 0 to 260+ Properties in 7 Years

    Since the exercises in Tai Chi are the physical manifestation of its philosophy, the movements are just one of the ways for achieving the desired fusion of mind, body, and spirit. Essential reading for all students of Tai Chi! Steve McKnight. Going for Coffee: Poetry on the Job. Who Dares Wins. From the Trade Paperback edition. In the Bible, the Holy Spirit staggers us with its unexpectedness.

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