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Gallows Ascending book. Read 8 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. It has been thirteen years since Luke's confrontation in the deser.
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Remember that there are many more secret areas like this throughout the land of Gallowmere, some offering more than just treasure! Want to be faster on your feet? Want to be able to bash down walls by charging into them?

Desert Chimera

All you have to do is defeat the evil Guardians of the Graveyard and gain this new ability! You will never know why you left the grave without it! The scarecrows are almost unstoppable so don't be a hero! Try trapping them while you make your escape. Beware of mischief makers in metal machines! Who knows what dark sorcery brings their metal limbs to life!

It would be good to see the back of such menaces! Kul Katura the Serpent Lord yearns to fight along side you but has been captured by Zarok and scaled within a Chest. Free this mighty Spirit and earn a powerful ally! These fields are home to many mad machines, yet the most bizarre of them is housed within this barn.

The Corn cutting machine is missing a part.

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  • I. Mortal Danger.

A cog fell off this miracle of modern agriculture and it hasn't worked since. Up and down these magical mushrooms go! They will take you higher and higher but be careful not to fall and sink without a trace. The King Pumpkin sleeps - if you want an audience with this regal plant you should mash all of his pod sacks! It is rumored that the Pumpkin Witch is in possession of a much sought after Dragon Gem. If you have a Witch Talisman you could summon this kindly Witch. A crucifix once stood here, but the mayor took it.

Find a replacement and see how the church should really look. The rune key is held aloft by the flow of water from the fountain - you may have to wait for the next drought. I must make haste for Zarok's men will be here within the hour.

I have taken the crucifix from the church - it is the key to a key. I used the cross to make the attached cast, then I had it destroyed. It is my hope that this cast falls into the hands of a just and good hero. During the dark time that was Gallowmere's not too distant past it was King Peregrin who thwarted Zarok the Necromancer and his plan to enslave the land.

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Zarok, once the King's mage had fallen out of favour with the Ruler for conducting outlandish experiments on the bodies of the dead. It was said that deep within Peregrin Castle the dead were restless. All of Zarok's living dead were routed out and destroyed. Zarok being an unforgiving soul went into hiding and vowed to wreak his revenge on the King.

Rumors of ill doing and dark deeds abounded through the land of Gallowmere. It was whispered that Zarok had employed the aid of Shadowy Demons to help build a vast castle. Under the cover of night, Zarok's dark army spilled forth from their corrupt haven. The army marched south across the Silver Mountains and through the Silver Woods. Soon afterwards, even the Pumpkin lands belonged to Zarok.

Retaliation was swift and violent. There was much rejoicing, but the war was not yet over. News that Zarok's army had now taken the flood lands caused much concern. From this vantage point Zarok could march west to take the Enchanted Forest. This sacred place would prove a bitter defeat if it fell into the hands of the evil sorcerer.

Yet the evil wizard was cunning and had prepared an ambush. A titanic battle ensued of which history has never since seen the like. It is said that the day would have gone to Zarok but for the skill and valour of one man: Fortesque led the charge deep into the massed ranks of the undead, felling Zarok's bodyguard, the fearful Lord Kardok, and, before finally succumbing to his own mortal wounds, slew the traitorous sorcerer with a mighty sweep of his sword.

The forces of evil were destroyed but at a terrible price: none but a handful of the King's Militia returned from that field. Gallowmere lost a whole generation of young men that day, including Canny Tim, the legendary crossbowman and Fortesque's second in command, who fell in the first volley of arrows.


Zarok's body was never found, though if it lies unmourned in an unmarked grave then no one in Gallowmere would shed a tear. The Shadow Demons that had fallen under Zarok's banner were unnatural creatures that did not belong in the world of mortal men. The King declared that they be banished, entombed under the pure earth of the Enchanted Earth. Imprisoned within an impregnable box of the King's design, the Demons were buried deep underground. Their Tomb was sealed with a magical device that has since come to be known as the Shadow Artefact. Scale the heights and see the nests of giant Dragon Birds.

Seek out weird and wonderful plant life. Go 'ooh' and 'aah' at the sight of baby Dragon Toads splashing about in the crystal clear ponds.

Pumpkin is Gallowmere's favourite dish, and about now the valley is just bulging under the weight of young podlings awaiting harvest. If it's mystery you're looking for then the seasoned adventurer should travel to the ruins of King Peregrin's castle. Yes, this is the fortress from which the fabled King Peregrin once hailed! It is said that the King's Crown was lost in the dungeons below the Castle and that the ghost of the regent himself now haunts those cold stone passage ways.

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This place was once said to be a place of fantastical arcane alchemy, but an age has passed since it was consumed by the murky swamps. Perhaps great treasure awaits any adventurer that can locate its watery resting place? In addition to being the strongest man who ever lived Stanyer Iron Hewer was unsurpassed in his skill as a blacksmith. He was equally happy pounding on his anvil at home as he was pounding on someone's head in battle. It was said that his only fear was the end of the village smithy as the focus of manufacture in favour of more centralised units - as if!

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Born a humble peasant to one of the nomadic tribes from the Eastlands, Bloodmonath Skull Cleaver gathered an army of horsemen and swept over half the civilised world. When he finally died attempting a single handed attack on a garrison in the North while armed only with the spike on his helmet he was the richest and most powerful peasant of his day.

Karl Sturnguard spent most of his formative years under siege at his family castle. With his impregnable magic shield Sturnguard's motto was 'the best form of attack is defence'.

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Sadly his shield couldn't protect him from poor eating habits and he died during a post battle feast while swallowing a large sausage he had failed to chew. Truly the hero's hero, Woden the Mighty, was fearless, single-minded, and uncompromising. Unbeaten in combat, he inspired raw fear in friends and enemies alike, not to mention in close family members and pets. Trained from birth in all forms of combat, Imanzi Shongama was the warrior queen of a tribe of Amazons. Books , Stories , Articles , Poetry. Butler , i Aileen Friedman , i Jim Overturf , i.

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